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8*18 Georgian bar


Georgian bar is inserted inside Insulating Glass. It is extruded with high purity aluminum with certain mold, then after electrostatic powder spraying, different colors can be made. Also wood-like film can be covered to meet customer’s demand in aesthetic appearance.
The product has merits of high quality and durability, strong toughness, aging resistance, which is suitable for aluminum alloy, plastic steel and wooden doors & windows to achieve the effects of modern, antique, European and other architectural requirements.
Variable choices of color and size; 8*18,6*18,8*30,7*15 etc.
• Stock of white color is kept;
• Special color or length can be made;
• Protective film on each piece of bar to ensure no scratches during transportation and installation;
• The latest implicit beveling way of connecting and the regular straight-cutting one are adopt;