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Promoted: Huslig Collective\'s pride of the F1 paddock

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Update time : 2020-03-24 10:03:34

Beyond the circuits, haste drives each face of paddock life, if it exist a crucial resolution above a front wing compose ought cutting a multi-million-dollar work ought moan a driver or new sponsor. And anyone who enters this ultra-competitive realm cause ought always cause the pace. company principal sign Huslig understands that, owing ought his expertise gained above 24 years of exclusive VIP compose profession at the highest level.

That knowledge is why Huslig Collective was the obvious selection when the new owners of the Racing Point F1 team put a challenge though its fresh commence at large prix racing at 2019. The project? ought committee a functional and impressive team mobile unit though the European F1 races that made a mud statement of the owners' commitment though the wish haul. Time was short. besides tight deadlines are Huslig Collective's speciality, which is why the company didn't hesitate ought acknowledge above the challenge.

The design was bold: ought devise and build a new unit fairly than simply refurbish the modern one, ought equip dynamic team and passenger spaces, ought offer the latest at technique and connectivity, faster set-ups and takedowns and ought gift a new and more dynamic presence at the F1 paddock. It was the last engagement of November 2018 when the first plan assembly was held among Racing Point, Huslig Collective and team fetch and rigging provider Roland Eisensohn. The crowd was on.



Such a project, ought competition Racing Point's brief above brand identity, functionality, sponsorship needs and flexibility, used to always acknowledge at least eight ought twelve months. calm at April 2019, impartial five months afterward - 18 weeks - the multi-floor unit was terminate and ready though its debut at the Spanish large Prix at Barcelona at May.

Just during F1 always demands, Huslig had delivered above time. This company, that specialises at high-end motorhomes and VIP aircraft interiors, shares the values of each F1 team, providing habit solutions though each need: personal bespoke motorhomes though drivers, technical trailers, crowd bases and team hospitality units. when you've successfully delivered though fence fund managers, mode moguls, business tycoons and flat royal families, working above helicopters ought 747 aircraft airliners, stress ought send at F1 is never too much ought handle.

The arise though Racing Point was a spectacular team space: a three-storey unit built from 19 custom-built containers. The external architecture features noticeable use of full-height insulated glass panels and wish ribbon windows, providing grand views of the paddock. Inside, a complex compose hides the container-built face perfectly, featuring a palette of modern materials. The base floor provides the leading team and passenger dining space, seating up ought 40, with a big service hinder and buffet serving station. There are too areas though publication briefings and meetings, a personal publication team office large enough though eight nation and a restaurant-style fully equipped kitchen featuring a big walk-around centre profession island.



The first floor is secured though VIP access only, featuring two drivers' suites equipped with personal showers and toilets, seating space, closets and physio tables. The spacious VIP office features a circular assembly desk though eight, a desk though two, lounge seating and two 55" TVs. Completing the floor is a big lounge region with multiple seating and dining groupings, multiple big TVs, and a serving bar.

Then above the roof is a stunning entertainment space, half a fully air-conditioned interior, nevertheless the other half is an outdoor patio region that includes adjustable roof louvres and a sliding cup wall ought circulate the two parts. Fitted here is a big service bar, tall hinder seating though 30, lounge seating though 12 and a big service pantry and prep space. With fantastic views of the paddock, it's the improve venue though evening parties, drink receptions and sponsor functions.

Design details contain LED daylight panels and accent lighting, including above stairwells, iPad remote-controlled applications and sky satellite systems, nevertheless the unit is made from the best and most suitable materials. Exteriors feature double-paned, insulated, mirror-filmed privacy glass, nevertheless interiors contain feature Silestone countertops and profession surfaces, stainless steel and gunmetal accents throughout and CNC-produced panels though swift construction and simple replacement.

Huslig factory with the best ought send such spaces. The inner constructions and installations were completed by German specialist Werk33, nevertheless the custom-built containers were made by Jost. though F1, this business is a team effort.

That swift profession and expertise has expend together ought equip Racing Point with a space that is the envy of F1 at 2019. Within the exclusive confines of the British large Prix paddock, impartial a stone's pitch from the team's base, it promises ought exist the boast of Silverstone.