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Butyl tape


Our butyl tape is made for strong adhesion, substantial density, and superior elasticity. It also allows more flexibility than most other butyl tape in the market. It is highly used on connection of jointed parts, roofing ,steel boars, waterproofing wall and roof ,most connection of construction materials. We can also provide butyl tape in different width,length,thickness and gravity.

Product Feature
1.High Elasticity provides resistance to shock,movement,and weather force.
2.Flexible for easy adjustment before, during and after application.
3.Excellent adhesion
4.Low-Temperature Resistance prevents sealing tape from cracked or shrink.
5.Anti-Corrosion.Water resistant material prevents the surface to corrode from moisture and steam.
6.Outstanding durability.
7.UV Resistance.
8.Available in different gravity ,length,width,thickness for various construction needs.

Apply Guidance:
1.Select suitable butyl tape size by measuring the surface
2.Surface should be clean dry, and no dust.
3.Temperature condition between -20C-90C.
4.Apply butyl tape to surface directly from roll by pressing through the release paper with a smooth film and so on